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Blockchain, the latest buzzword you can't escape from, but deep down you crave to know more about so you can sound smarter at cocktail parties.

If non-stop technical blockchain talk is what you're looking for, this probably isn't the show for you, but if you'd like to consume something different. Something spiced up with the effervescence of Brian Byrne's eclectic personality and endless passion for music, art, entrepreneurship, travel, life, philosophy, you've found your new tribe. Join Brian as he traverses this never-ending universe of topics, all the while weaving in and out the impact of blockchain on our ever-changing lives as we groove into the future.

It's fun, engaging, downright bizarre, real and without a doubt 100% Brian.


Byrne is a platinum-selling rock artist, award-winning solo artist, one-time radio host, philanthropist, an early adopter of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and despite how this reads... he is quite down to earth and charming.

As an early adopter of the blockchain, he has had the good fortune of starting and consulting for several blockchain projects. Currently, all his efforts in the space are dedicated to business development for Social Blockchain. In addition to his blockchain efforts, Brian is Senior VP at an exciting new music/tech company called FIX (Fan Integrated Experience). Poised to transform how fans interact with artists and artists interact with fans around the world. Check out FIX App.

There isn't much he hasn't taken a crack at and its that ability to own mistakes, adapt and attack that lends charm and ease when speaking to other people about their own lives and paths.

No judgment. Just sharing. After all, Byrne has his own Manifesto Of Mistakes that he is happy to talk about from work, to parenting, failed projects and beyond. Everything is special and nothing is sacred.

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